ESS Virtual 2020

Virtual Meeting of the European Studies Section (ESS) of ACRL

Monday, June 29 to Wednesday, July 1, 2020 (Noon to 3 PM Eastern).

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Thanks to the hard work of the ESS Committee Chairs and the ESS Discussion Group Conveners, the schedule for our virtual meeting is now available on ALA Connect. The meetings were not recorded, but minutes will be available.

ACRL LES/ESS Online Discussion Forum on OERs: National and International Perspectives

Monday, Jun 29, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)

Jointly sponsored by the ACRL European Studies Section (ESS) and the Literatures in English Section (LES), this panel will discuss Open Educational Resources (OERs) from European and North American perspectives.  Speakers Jessie Ransom from Ex Libris and Elena Sánchez Nogales from the BNE will address current trends in OERs across Europe and the Anglosphere, and will speak to the challenges they pose to provide high-quality materials in a wide range of subjects, respect copyright and publishing, and integrate OERs into collections and teaching.  Librarians looking to raise awareness of OERs and to lead their adoption in their libraries and communities will benefit from this deep discussion on OERs from the perspective of research and teaching literatures and European studies.

ESS/LES Forum Recording and Presentation Slides

Recording and chat transcript
ACRL ESS/LES Virtual Forum: Open Educational Resources

Introduction to OER: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries
Jessie Ransom, Teaching and Learning Product Specialist, Ex Libris

Creating Educational Resources and Sharing Heritage at School: Experiences at the National Library of Spain
Elena Sánchez Nogales, Digital Processes and Services, National Library of Spain

ESS Virtual 2020 Events/Meetings

  1. ESS General Membership Meeting
  2. ESS Executive Meeting
  3. ESS/LES Forum
  4. Cataloging Issues Discussion Group + College and Medium-Sized Libraries Discussion Group
  5. Slavic and Eastern European Discussion Group + Social Sciences and History Discussion Group
  6. Germanists Discussion Group + Romance Languages Discussion Group
  7. Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Discussion Group
  8. Slavic Cataloging and Metadata Committee
  9. Vendor Forum

Individual Committee Meetings

The working groups that usually meet during the “All Committees” meeting slot will meet before June 29, and report at the General Membership Committee meeting. The chairs of these committees will be in touch with their members to schedule the meetings.

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  • Conference Program Planning–Chicago, 2021
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominating 2021 Committee
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