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The COVID-19 World

At the time of this writing, most of the United States and much of the world is sheltering in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19. It is difficult to find any aspect of daily life that has not been dramatically changed, perhaps forever. The ESS Facebook page is one of many reflections of the unprecedented scope of this pandemic, which can be seen in the remarkable shift of postings almost from one day to the next. The postings before March 13, 2020, cover a variety of topics and geographic regions. Starting on March 13, 2020, all posts react to the crisis.

Below are the posts related to COVID-19, arranged in chronological order. The contents posted to the ESS Facebook page before March 13, 2020, are further below on this page, and they are organized by region and thematically.

The World before COVID-19

These posts are a reminder of how quickly and irrevocably our world has changed. Now that libraries and bookstores are closed, grocery stores request customers to wear face coverings and practice social distancing, and universities and conferences are struggling to re-invent themselves online, these posts from before March 13, 2020, may seem quaint and innocent.

Roundup: In Case You Missed It
The focus of this column is on articles and topics posted by ESS members on the ESS Facebook page since the Fall 2019 ESS Newsletter. Separated by geographic region and arranged thematically, the following articles reflect our information sources and sharing practices. These articles do NOT reflect the scope of activity worldwide, but rather the information that ESS members are sharing internally.

Many of these articles are located behind firewalls or are under an embargo–unless your institution has paid for access, you may experience difficulty accessing them.


Student Life



Just as in previous columns, Spain leads the number of postings, and the most commonly posted source is El Pais.



United Kingdom




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